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Saturday, January 08, 2011
another translated article

The original author of the article is Dr Mohammad Asri Zainul Abidin, a.k.a Dr Asri, an ex-Perlis mufti who is well known for his policy of not toeing the UMNO line and instead performing his religious duty as he sees righteous and fit. Although it is mainly intended for Muslims to read:

1) I feel it's something great to share with everyone, as a reminder that Islam has never granted these sultans any divine or special powers and that we should not fear those rulers lest we risk "insulting Islam".

2) It is also a reminder that Malays are not one monolithic block of like-minded drones.

3) It is also a reminder (and probably something new for those who didn't know) that Islam does not condone dictatorship and authoritarianism, and it has never done since its very early history, and opposing such governments is a religious duty of any Muslim.

Original article found

Dr Asri: Malay Rulers are not sinless prophets who cannot be criticised

The ex-Mufti of Perlis, Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin said that the belief of some quarters that to criticise or have differing opinions of Malay rulers is haram (forbidden) is akin to placing them on the same level as the prophets of Islam.

Instead, says Dr Asri, the Malay rulers are not prophets who are so sinless that they cannot be criticised.

"Even the Rashidun Caliphs, Abu Bakar, Umar, Uthman and Ali who are far more honourable than sultans have been criticised and opposed by their people. However, they answered with full honesty and dignity, and they did not kill their critics, in fact they thanked them," says Dr Asri in a media statement.

According to Dr Asri, there has been a few incidents where one of Prophet Muhammad's companions did not agree with his decision and opposed his choice, like what happened to Umar in the Hudaibiyah Treaty. However, he added, the Prophet did not kill Umar.

Therefore, he said, the suggestions by several NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) and political leaders that those who criticise the Malay Rulers be hanged, are actually far more condemned, shameful and sinful than, say, to encourage our rulers to commit adultery, gamble, indulge in alcohol or any other sins.

Deadly sin

"This is because in Islam, life is extremely precious and it is forbidden to take life without a valid reason. The suggestions (of hanging the sultans' critics) is akin to encouraging rulers to kill others without a valid reason allowed by God and the Prophet. In Islam, the sin of murder is greater than adultery, alcohol, gambling etc," he said.

According to Dr Asri, to him, those who suggest the hanging punishment are blind supporters who have overstepped their boundaries.

"If such a person is a Muslim, then he is truly without feelings and does not fear God regardng the 'blood of others'. Maybe he debated with the laws that he understood to the point that he forgot God's Shariah that forbid bloodshed and the taking of human lives without a valid reason. It is important for him to repent and take back that suggestion," he said.

On the 3rd of January, two NGOs - Gerakan Anti Penyelewengan Selangor (GAPS) and Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (PERKASA) wanted PKR's state assemblyman of Seri Muda, Shuhaime Shafiei be hanged for treason and "declaring war on the Malay rulers".

Among other things, Shuhaimi wrote in his blog that the position of State Secretary of Selangor does not require the agreement of Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah (Sultan of Selangor) and instead, it is within the authority of the State Government's Meeting Council, and the sultan should act based on the council's advice, not going against it.

In fact, Shuhaimi was even accused (by the two NGOs) of appearing to give a warning to the Selangor royalty to stop continuing to ignore the Council or face the prospect of a new wave of people power to oppose the Palace.

Posted at 08:47 am by M.A
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
a picture

This describes how I feel about the state of affairs when it comes to Malaysian politics at the moment:

Posted at 02:19 pm by M.A
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Saturday, November 06, 2010
you do not fucking mess with someone you dont know enough about

I may not be a kungfu or silat grandmaster who can beat someone's ass to a bloody pulp. I may not be a Datuk's son who can let the cops do his dirty work. That doesn't mean these stingy bastards can exploit me too much and step too far.

There will be hell to pay for this. I'm gonna make them regret.

Posted at 02:03 pm by M.A
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Friday, November 05, 2010

Sometimes I wonder, why does it have to be ME to suffer this long wait to get the damn visa called "General Skilled Migration - Subclass 885" i.e. my PR in plain English? Why did so many others get it within 2 weeks or 2 months at most without using any PR agents?

Then again, it's not like I'm the only one to have ever have this happen to him. Sarah's brother took a year, Jeon's friend took 2 years, plenty of people waited more than that. Anyway that's not the point I'm making. I'm sure I'll get it eventually, it's merely a matter of time.

It just really annoys me every time I find jobs for which I would have definitely qualified for if not because of the lack of a PR. A lot of wasted opportunities already. There are now dozens of people out there to whom I feel like telling "MIGHT AS WELL GIVE ME YOUR PR LA!!! diuuu".

What ticks me off the most is that so many people who have actually gotten their PRs are giving up on getting jobs here and going back to Malaysia or Singapore. Some of them I do understand, they have been trying for the last 10 months. Lack of a job, plus high cost of living, living away from friends (I'm blessed with so many great friends, thankfully) etc. does lead one to leave eventually. The ones that really piss me off are those who have not even tried (cough... someone who got his PR within 3 days because he used an agent. Just went back to Malaysia and decided he prefers to stay there). Or barely tried at all.

At the same time, there are many people who haven't gotten their PRs like myself and others who are dead set on not going back home, for various reasons. Hell, I don't even know if I should call it home anymore. The Nazi incarnates have twisted my beloved homeland beyond recognition. No, calling these devils Nazis would be insulting Hitler's boys. At least the Nazis were efficient and for the most part, knew not to waste resources. Say all you want about the place having "hope", my only reply is, remember who controls the army and the police. Who has the guns, bombs, tanks and jet planes. Now submarines, too.

If the bastards change my country into another Burma, I will gladly pick up a rifle and put holes in the fat bloated heads of the oppressors, if this world was just a game. But life is not a game, it's not Battlefield: Bad Company 2, it's not Starcraft 2, and I'd rather not waste my life for a cause that might be too late to fight for. Hey, after all, my ancestors too have decided to leave their various homelands of Fujian, Guangdong, Kalimantan and Sumatera for a reason. For a better life. It's just moving on, to me.

Anyway, whining on this blog won't help. I might as well go and do something that can make a difference, like, you know, keep searching for other jobs. Keep self-learning AutoCAD, improve my skills in various languages in which I have semi-proficiency in. Also, can't wait to quit this shitty part-time job with downright illegal low pay.

Also, may God change and guide the hearts of the leaders of my homeland, or burn them in hell for eternity if they remain the hypocrites and oppressors that they were and still are.

Posted at 05:15 pm by M.A
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Friday, September 24, 2010
emo raya

This is the most emo raya song I've been listening to this Hari Raya, and the lyrics are so fitting too. Sigh.


Dari Jauh Kupohon Maaf

Dalam dingin subuh hatiku terusik
Kenang nasib diri di rantauan
Bergema takbir raya menitis air mata
Terbayang suasana permai desa

Rindu hati ini inginku kembali
Pada ayah bonda dan saudara
Tetapi aku harus mencari rezeki
Membela nasib kita bersama

Hanya ku sampaikan doa dan kiriman tulus ikhlas
Dari jauh kupohonkan ampun maaf
Jangan sedih pagi ini tak dapat kita bersama
Meraikan aidil fitri yang mulia

Restu ayah bonda kuharap selalu
Hingga aku pulang kepadamu

Hanya ku sampaikan doa dan kiriman tulus ikhlas
Dari jauh kupohonkan ampun maaf
Jangan sedih pagi ini tak dapat kita bersama
Meraikan aidil fitri yang mulia

Restu ayah bonda kuharap selalu
Demi anakmu yang kini jauh

Also, I think Sudirman (along with P Ramlee) is one of THE MOST AWESOME Malay singers ever. It's sad that today's Malay music industry isn't quite the way it used to be. I like the way he rhymes the lyrics so well and yet they remain so meaningful, so touching.

Eh, that can be said for the music industry all over the world actually. =/

Posted at 01:33 pm by M.A
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010
One more bloody time I say this.

Frequently Asked Questions on why I want to leave Malaysia and pretty much disowned that country:

"Your kind got benefits there what... why don't want to go back?"

"Everywhere also we're treated as immigrants... at least over there you're not"

"How come you don't want to go back? You're a Muslim!"

Most of the times the questions get me very, very riled up. Trust me, you don't wanna be asking similar things to a Singaporean Malay.

You see, the very fact that Malaysians are still thinking along the lines of race and religion, this far from home, is why I left Malaysia. I'm sick of such a mentality. Also,

BN, this is why I despise you so much. The only reason I have for going back is so that I can fucking DESTROY you bastards for what you have done to my country and its people over the 53 years. You have brainwashed us to be divided, to keep us living in fear of each other, in fear of YOU, so that you can continue oppressing us. One wish I have is that within this lifetime I'll get to see Malaysians unite to see their true enemy, and I'll do my part in that.

The Nazis murdered millions of people over their 12 years of rule. BN fucked up two entire generations of Malaysians to become more and more racist (and caused an entire race to become lazier and spoilt). BN's crime is a million times worse than that of the Nazis, and if you ask me, I honestly believe the worst of torture in this world is not befitting enough for a crime of such magnitude.

Back to the original topic. Reasons:

1. Politics

As you can read from my rant above, the hatred I have for the ruling party is beyond words. I see them as less than animals for what they have done to Malaysia. I do not wish to contribute a single sen to them, and that can be done if I live outside the country.

I resent them for making us Malaysians what we are today, unable to see ourselves as one people despite having lived in the country together for so long. I envy the Mauritians, especially.

My take on my so-called "bumiputera" status, there are only two possible ways I can see it:

a) If you're born in Malaysia, you should be a Bumiputera.

That is the meaning of the word, after all, son of the soil. People complain about Australia being racist towards Asians when it's actually more of themselves taking care of their own CITIZENS first, and guess what, many Australian citizens are not Anglo-Saxons either. Look at Brunei. It's tough to get a citizenship there, but if you do have one, you get to live in a welfare state no matter what race you are. There is some unofficial racial discrimination there, though, unfortunately, but in this post I shall talk about my own country first.

The other way I can see it, is:

b) The only Bumiputera in Malaysia are Orang Asli and Orang Asal (Iban, Dayak, Kadazan etc).

Not sure about the migration history of the East Malaysian tribes myself, but the Orang Asli have definitely been in Malaya far longer than the Malays.

Using this interpretation, calling a Malay a Bumiputera is akin to calling Kevin Rudd an Aborigine.

As much as UMNO keeps trying to deny it, the Malays, too, had immigrant ancestors who migrated from Taiwan and Yunnan (not sure which one first). Go read up more on Taiwanese aboriginal languages and you'll be surprised how much similarities they have with Malay and Indonesian. It just so happened that the Malays and related ethnicities (Javanese, Sundanese, Filipinos etc) became the dominant power of the region in the last millenium. That gives them no rights to call the Chinese and Indian people in Malaysia immigrants.

Case in point: One of my "Malay" (actually, Banjar, a related race which has ties to the Dayaks of Borneo) grandfathers is only a second-generation immigrant to Malaysia, while his Chinese wife is a Hokkien whose family has been here for hundreds of years. Had they not been married, the son of immigrants would have been called a "Bumiputera" while the one whose ancestors settled in Malaya centuries ago would still be labeled "Pendatang". Such nonsense, but that's our country.

2. Religion and sense of justice

Believe it or not, religion is a primary motivator for me leaving Malaysia. The very concept of racial discrimination is completely HARAM in Islam, for any Muslim who knows their Prophet well enough. It was so obviously stated in his final sermon.

Reality of the NEP:

NEP was originally designed to lift the Malay poor into the middle class. In this, they did succeed in the initial years. I am a product of the NEP in the sense that my parents met because of the scholarships they were given to study in Tasmania. They deserved it; they had the brains and dedication, not because their parents were connected to some Datuk or Tan Sri lowlife. Now they send their children to private universities without getting any help from the government.

THAT was the original intention of the NEP, to help the poor succeed, to teach the man how to fish. In fact, the NEP was supposed to help the poor of ALL RACES.

Now, the NEP is used only as a tool for the rich to get richer. This transcends race too, by the way. You don't have to be a Malay to abuse the NEP. All you need is to know the right people. The NEP now is an instrument of daylight robbery, and also has one terrible side effect of polarising the Malaysian population. It is incredibly difficult for the Malay and non-Malay population to truly feel a sense of belonging to one another, even all the way here in Australia. The others are always that, "the others". Not "one of us". "Orang kita", "wo men de ren" etc. can only refer to countrymen with the same race. This side effect of the NEP's misuse is one more reason why BN must not be given another chance to rule our country and lead it to ruin.

Islam is a very comprehensive religion, and economics is one of the areas in which it has laid down many guidelines still followed today. One of the most important concepts is that it is forbidden to force anyone to sell something at a price that he does not agree to. That's akin to robbery. Sounds familiar? Hmmm housing discounts for one race only...

A Little History Lesson:

In the years after the Prophet (PBUH)'s death, some officials in the council of the Caliphate proposed that the Jizya (tax for non-Muslims) be higher than the Zakat (Muslim income tax). This basically means that non-Muslims in the Caliphate will pay more tax than the Muslims do. The Caliph strongly forbade this move, as this will then attract "converts" who are only interested in the financial benefits and such discrimination is contrary to the spirit of the faith.
Dr Ridhuan Tee, the Utusan columnist is one such convert today. His poisonous, racist articles are so disgusting that as a Muslim I completely resent him and as a Chinese I would totally disown him.

i.e. any true Muslim should oppose the NEP.

Now, seriously, this crap about Malays needing extreme help to the point of forcing other races' charity to enrich them is bullshit. All they need is proper education and mentality, with financial assistance for education if needed. Look across the border. Look at how hardworking Indonesians are. Look at the Malays in Singapore. That's 700,000 Malays who could have went over to Malaysia where they get the so-called "benefits", but preferred to stay there. Those are Malays who have begun to value efficiency and good governance as opposed to silly racial and religious rhetoric. Myself? I'm one such "Malay", although biologically I'm not even 50% Malay. It's just the government that considers me one. Topic for another day.

"Laziness" is not an attribute of the Malay race because of their genes, but rather an artificial construct caused by the NEP. This is why the NEP has epicly failed the Malays, among all. The Malays in my school tend to be from very rich BN-connected families and their disregard for education is astounding. On the other side, though, I've met many Malays especially from the pro-Opposition states who are easily as intelligent and hardworking as any other Malaysian.

Also, a side topic related to religion (although not that applicable to me) is freedom of religion. Yes, in Malaysia, freedom of religion is actually far worse for Muslims than it is for the non-Muslims. I'm not going to touch the issue of Muslim apostasy since that's between them and God, and none of my business, plus it's a super touchy topic in Islam. Even for the Muslims who remain Muslims, they actually have more challenge in trying to learn Islam in Malaysia.

The reason is because Islam in Malaysia is only Islam as UMNO dictates it. If it's contrary to UMNO's Islam, it is "misguided", and in some extreme cases, even "deviant". UMNO has a monopoly of Islam in Malaysia, and apparently this "Islam" they have is one where oppressing non-Muslims is alright.

3. Ego / Pride / Dignity / Whatever you call it

First, I'm assuming you're Asian. If you're not, assume you're one for this scenario.

Imagine a country/university where Asians are given "special rights", because they are considered to be lagging behind in studies and economy. All Asian students are given an extra 30% bonus to their marks in university. If you're an Asian, will you be proud if you achieve a high distinction in a subject? I wouldn't be.

Why must I accept crutches when I can walk?

Why would I subject myself to such shame?

No, I am not going to be an orang cacat. I can walk on my own two feet, thank you.

Posted at 11:39 am by M.A
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Thursday, September 16, 2010
in case she's smart enough to refer to this site for information

1) I hate drama queens.


2) I hate hypocrites.


Week 1: "I'm from a traditional Chinese family... it's so wrong to see the female being in control blablablabla"

Week 3: *sleeps with some guy*

Week 8: *sleep with another guy*

Week 15: 21SX


Something's happened in the past that nearly caused me to lose one of my best friends and it's related to a girl.

Although the details are completely different, this other girl has definitely pissed Jeremy off to enough extent that I consider her responsible for any strain in the friendship (between him and his housemate) that night.

4) I limit my circle of friends to smart people.

Smart doesn't mean straight HD. Smart doesn't mean having an IQ score equal to or higher than mine.

Smart means that you don't go looking at people's private files in their laptops, and when you get caught, you blame it on your fucking DATE OF BIRTH.

Smart means that you don't go claiming you have no money left to even pay for a printer when you go clubbing every Friday for God knows how many weeks straight.

Smart means that you can realise that if a guy deletes you off his Facebook (ha, taste of your own medicine), blocks your MSN and doesn't answer your phone calls, he has GOOD REASONS to do so, and if he doesn't bother to reply your texts,

you might as well give up. Go ponder on what you've done, and hope you find some other guy who gives a shit.

Posted at 11:30 pm by M.A
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Monday, August 16, 2010
NRR - New Ramadan Resolution

1) Get a job - A real, full-time, engineering job. A part-time job is better than being completely jobless, but with an engineering degree, I should ideally be earning way more than I am right now. Enough to earn for myself and to support my sister when she's studying here next year.

Achievability: Something I can do about. Job market seems a bit slow at the moment, but apparently 70% (for engineering, maybe even 90%?) of jobs are not advertised. I'm making connections where I can, getting to know the right people for the right vacancy.

2) Get rid of a very annoying thorn. I am a nice guy. A very nice guy. Some say too nice. Despite all that, I still have my terms and conditions. I shall not be nice to those who take my friendly nature for granted.

I have to admit, I prefer to mix with the more intellectual types, i.e I like befriending smart people. Not necessarily star students in uni (though a good number of my friends are such people too =D ), but those who can really THINK, or at least have the right mindset. Life should be a pursuit of knowledge and wisdom (and happiness). I can stand stupid (or at least less intelligent) people, if they keep their noses out of my business. It is when they get on my nerves too much that annoyance turns to major dislike.

I also detest hypocrites, and for the sake of staying on topic, let's not get into Malaysian politics.

The worst among the worst, are, however, stupid hypocrites. So stupid that they can't even learn and take a simple hint. So stupid that they think I'm as stupid as they are by accepting their lame excuses and outright lies for the shit they say and do (which just piss me off even more).

Combine stupidity, hypocrisy, a constant attention seeking nature, a dash of jaga-tepi-kain-orang-ness (badmouthing, gossiping and being a busybody with people's affairs that don't even affect you) and the result of this recipe is a person I'd rather not speak to or hear from for the rest of my life. Go fuck off and bother someone else.

All the anger you have caused me now won't bring back all the hours I fucking wasted.

Achievability: Pretty much done ever since the last straw that broke the camel's back. The only problem is that the person is probably too stupid to realise this unless I use very, very direct (and even harsh) methods to convey the message.

3) PR.

Achievability: Ask the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. WTF is wrong with them, I don't know. It's been 5 months already. People who applied later than me also already got their PR. I want to visit Azrul, Yan Shan, Kian Guan and Yan Yan, and all my family back home. Register for the next Malaysian elections and make a difference. Celebrate Raya back home again. But I can't and it's not my fault.

4) Save money for a new laptop.

Achievability: Working on it. Income's not enough at the moment.

Posted at 01:47 am by M.A
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010
forward is the only way

and move forward I must.

Posted at 09:34 pm by M.A
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Thursday, July 15, 2010
Release me

from this most mysterious wait.


Posted at 01:59 am by M.A
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